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Life, in so many ways, is like a vast ocean we all must cross, full of countless challenges.  Let Preston help you explore how to effectively sail, not the seven seas, but rather seven C's, seven counterproductive behaviors stemming from our ego that keep us out of the present moment and away from our most effective self and the conscious choice to lead.  Learn how to embrace something Preston calls now-centered leadership, choosing to act on timeless leadership principles that will allow you to take hold of the helm of your ship and ultimately navigate yourself toward increased effectiveness and satisfaction at work and home. 



Preston is not only a dynamic and provocative speaker, but the co-owner and founder of Sail the Seven C's, LLC.  He has been a leadership instructor, facilitator, consultant, and motivational speaker for over 25 years in the Federal Government.  Preston's insights, principles taught, and tools come from decades of personal experience as a substantive expert and manager, vast knowledge of the field and discipline of leadership learning and development, and a life of hard knocks.  He has designed and taught numerous leadership development programs at all levels for multiple government organizations.  With his compelling story telling, he will passionately inspire you to "wake up" and live a "now-centered life", unleashing your best self.

Preston lives with his wife and their three boys in Northern Virginia where he enjoys hiking, karaoke, ping pong, billiards, reading inspirational books, and sitting on his back deck "just being".

For more information, business inquiries, or interest in having Preston as a keynote speaker or leadership instructor at your next event, please send an email to SailtheSevenCs@outlook.com and we will be in touch.   We invite you to share your experiences with the Seven C's on our facebook page www.facebook.com/SailtheSevenCs or email us.

Sail the seven c's to a now-centered Life with preston peterson